House Siding Colors: Colors To Consider When Remodeling Your Exterior


To say that purchasing new house siding is a major investment in time and energy might just be the understatement of the year. As far as home improvement projects go, new house siding is one of the more expensive and time consuming remodeling tasks before one ventures into the whole realm known as additions. In order to make the most out of one’s investment one needs to focus on the possibilities, not simply recreating an existing look or appearance. After all, remodeling does not have to be rebuilding, does it? One can choose to make an entirely new statement with an appropriately chosen housing siding color scheme.

While some areas of the country prohibit certain levels of self-expression, there are almost always choices to make when it comes to house siding colors. Be sure to inquire with the local homeowner association as well as local authorities regarding rules and ordinances that pertain specifically to the exterior of houses prior to making any decisions. These should really be the only hard and fast limits when looking at house siding colors, everything else is simply taste.

So what does one’s choice in house siding colors say about them? Different colors communicate different things. While white is fairly traditional, in its purest form it suggests purity and cleanliness, while black on the other hand suggests a somber and sad state of mind. Red, coming in many different shades can convey anything from amorous feelings to a sense of exhilaration and thrill. Blue is the color of honesty and values, and also comes in many shades. Darker versions of both blue and red are actually considered to be traditional house siding colors in many circles.

While brown may not be one’s first choice for a housing siding color, it is welcome in many neighborhoods and communicates a sense of welcome so long as the tone is not too dark. Coincidentally, brown is also a fairly easy color to keep clean, which may be worth noting for those who find less and less time for maintenance as their careers take flight. Yellow, especially in its more mellow form, is a sign of joy and restrained exuberance. Yellow and brown are also housing siding colors with length histories behind them but a potentially uncertain future.

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There are plenty of house siding colors to choose from, and the only real limits are those made by legislatures and homeowner groups. Let imagination take flight before settling on a final choice.